Some Facts

At the moment I am working on iOS Apps as well as Social Media and YouTube.

The last years (2013 - 2016) I have been working in different areas in a computer game studio. Starting as an iOS Developer I created different games for mobile phones. After two years and a lot of apps, I started to learn Unity together with my team. It was interesting because I've never worked with a game engine before. Together with my former dev team from Pixel Maniacs, we worked on our first 3D games, ChromaGun" and Can't Drive This".

After the release of ChromaGun I have been focusing more on different social media platforms and promoting the game. I started to use platforms like Twitter, Facebook and many others. I started to learn about new people, new games and a lot of other different experiences. That's why I will keep focusing on these platforms and normally you will find me under the pseudonym xandrucea.

I plan to create more apps for iOS. Next to this I am going to start different projects that I will document from time to time on youtube or other channels. These will be summarized inside the project section that you can see on the left.
The projects might be connected to my hobbies or anything new I have discovered that I am superpsyched about.
My apps as well as the projects will mostly consist of something creative, even they might not provide any meaning [ even I am convinced things do not need a meaning if they are creative ].